Oye… It’s Friday

Oye it’s Friday…. Those of you jobless enough to read this blog, well…. read on, but after your done, start planning on how your gonna live the weekend that’s coming up. Don’t have plans yet??? Well on a Friday night, set your sights on that shot of tequila and don’t be ready to wait, get on that dance floor and break a leg (and if you aint the dancing type, don worry just give it a try and you’ll break something eventually). I’m planning on a road trip, should be back on Saturday night. Come Sunday, I’m going to spend half the day in the ECC (swimming, sauna, play pool, bowling… and anything else the place has to offer) and then hit the sack by 8 PM… No, that was not a typo error, I AM GOING TO BED FOR ONCE BEFORE MIDNIGHT (When m in Infy)!!. The rest of Feb is gonna be a killer… Sniff Sniff, a 7Hr Compre exam (7Hrs only for the OS stream) …. Me and my wasted bunch of friends here are already shittin bricks….
Anyways, all you beautiful ppl out there… Have a great weekend… peace out!!


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