Show me the Money!!

Money/Rokda/Moola, some people are just born with it, some ain’t born with it but they are born for making lots of it and then there are some who are…ummm… well they are just born FULLSTOP.

I believe there are a few very lucky people who belong to the second category. They have money genes. It isn’t that they always inherit fortunes, although they are inclined to do that, too, but they are actually genetically disposed toward wealth, connected to it on a molecular level. There is an extra golden chromosome attached to the helix of their DNA and it acts as a homing beacon for money, the way a defective or blemished chromosome will attract disease. I was not born with it, alas, and attempts to have it implanted would have resulted in rejection. Too much money can be alternately seductive and threatening, absorb it at a particular rate or run the risk of shock. Even then, you may experience periodic allergic reactions, as if your white blood corpuscles have been mobilized to fight the Rupees.

I admit that I wish to become a big fish in a small pond who will soon be invited to swim downstream. To the sea where the big bucks splashed.

P.S: Have been thinking about money all day long. Geez… A benched mind is the Devils Loony Bin


4 comments on “Show me the Money!!

  1. Evelyn says:

    Ed…..This is real nice…..

    Didnt know u could write this well…..but guess i underestimated u 🙂 ……keep blogging!!!!

  2. Sally Jacob says:

    Here you come with some of your own ideas. well done.

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