Everyone and anyone who knows me well enough should be well aware of the fact that I am one of the laziest beings to walk(or just rest his ass) on earth. That being said, one would be shocked to hear  or see that I blog because blogging like pretty much everything else in this mundane world requires some time, effort and even thinking to an extent; ….. I wouldn seem to fit the bill.

In my defence: I work in an IT firm that goes by the name “Infosys Technologies”. I wasn’t working on any project for quite sometime, in other words… I was “benched”. Now at Infosys, there are a few things even the benched people can do; the easiest one being blogging on our internal company blog… That is how i started bloggin about 6 months ago…. almost all the previous posts on this page are copied from my company blog page. I cant post a direct link to that page because that can be accessed only by Infocions within an Infosys Campus. So there….


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