On Haitus

I’m deeply saddened to inform the two people who follow my blog that there will be a period of inactivity here… again.
I have never fancied reading mush on blogs, paper or text(as in sms msgs); my stupid cupid is hitting me with the same arrow he struck me with years ago, as a result of which the only thoughts that come to my mind when I think of writing something is all mush.  Now, I wouldn’t mind actually putting up those thoughts if I were any good at putting it well.  So, I’ll be back  after I manage to get this monkey off my back.

Till then…… don’t wait

Current Muse:

Named after the Mother
Sweet like Angel breath on candy feather
Cute like a button nose on a sleeping babe
Her beauty, God hath made


Current Music:   Metallica:-Now it’s time I dissapeareeeyeeeaha


7 comments on “On Haitus

  1. Abhinandan says:

    Back to the dark side .. Tsk tsk..

  2. marieclaus says:

    hehee…just break that arrow…wud leave you in peace den..’ 😛
    And yea..May The Force Be With You..!

  3. marieclaus says:

    hey anyway gotta say ”u write real good !!!”

  4. Nirmal says:

    I agree too.. u write real good…

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