The Need & the Greed

I need a hobby,
Something more worthwhile and productive than collecting stamps and vintage coke bottles.  So…. what do I do?

1) I could take up photography, but for that  i’ll need to get myself a nice lil camera that costs at least 20k

2) I could start learning to play the guitar or ANY other instrument. For that, i’d have to shell out a significant amount of cash to get me the instrument… unless of course the instrument is just a harmonica

3) I could hit the gym and tone my pathetic excuse of a body to more a Greek  God like look. But Shit!! a good gym membership costs a bomb these days.

4) I could get me some wheels and start tripping.  But I wouldn’t settle for anything like a Kinetic Activa Scooter, an Enfield would be just right. That would just bleed my bank account dry.

5) I could…… aaah whadahell

Looks like my problem isn’t really the lack of a hobby…..

I need more  Money


2 comments on “The Need & the Greed

  1. Nirmal says:

    ha ha ha.. so u know your problem too… money is secondary… its abt u LAZY!!
    1. you have a digicam, you can still do photography….
    3. GYM, i know what it costs in INFY 😛
    4. if tripping is the interest Pune and Mysore is one of the best parts of India to go places from… ;)(cat face)
    5. you should now reconsider abt ur need for a hobby

    • edrenalin says:

      Heh heh…
      1. I have a digicam … but its a 6MP one which is takes super bad night shots and i cant fiddle arnd with the settings much for pics with better tones unlike a DSLR
      3. Buddy i aint working at Infy no more, m at the client location
      4. I transferred from pune to bangalore few months back. And i did visit most of the places near pune and mysore

      But yeah… I am very very LAZY, i’ll admit to that

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