In the Haze

Eyes that spoke of mischief
Lips that curved into a perfect smile
My lazy eyes was drinking in the sight
Your face aglow with a darker shade of light


The Irony

The Chinese accidentally discovered gunpowder while trying to invent an elixir that would alchemically lengthen life.It is still unclear what the Chinese were originally aiming for when they discovered instant noodles. Perhaps that too, was a byproduct of longevity research.
Anyways, it may be prudent for would-be immortals to bear in mind the Chinese experience. Seeking prolonged existence, they ended up with the elixir of death; the propellant of history’s countless tragic bullets, including the ones that felled Gandhi, stopped John Lennon’s music, made JFK go AFK, and the most tragic of them all.. the one that felled Bambi’s mother.


What does it say about human frailty, about the state of evolution, about the dominion of body over mind or vice versa, when, at moments of imminent danger\sure failure\sudden shock, modern, educated, affluent men are moved to an evocation of excrement…. No patriotic sentiment, no cry for forgiveness, no shout of joy or wail of regret, but rather, an undigested waste of an oath.

I appreciate profanity’s occasional value as verbal punctuation, a highly effective vehicle for emphasis, but….. how very déclassé. Be that as it may, a vowel followed by undigested food sounds like the most apt thing to shout out 🙂