Rain on me a Darkness

I Don’t like commitments, I shun them. Whenever my emotions get the better of me and takes a step forward, I force myself two steps back. But the next day I am haunted by the road not taken, left with a foggy conscience. This time i’m haunted like never before, by the ghost of the possibility of something beautiful or something wrong. I had always managed to fight them off before till they haunted me no more; till my eyes attain a blood red vision out of my good intentions. For now I stand alone in a world that is lost and blown, in a nothing place; In a place where it only rained.

And it rained a sickness, it rained an odor, it rained demons and pale dragons, it rained poison, it rained a seizure. And it rained hard, fast and cold, eating up open fields, flooding empty cities, dissolving all resolve… Soaking, Spreading, Penetrating.

I’ll fight my way out of this one