Slip onto non- existence

You walk into an evergreen forest, you vanish immediately into an expanse of titanic trees, into the co-existence of light and shadow , a stream of filtered godlight  punching through the dense and tattered tapestry,  a funhouse of moist green walls and slippery moss. You see the beauty of night wisps and the slithering king cobra, you smell the orchids and black pepper. Here in this place where the gorgeous and the astounding repeatedly alternated with the scary and the dire, where bubbling life and imminent death tangoed in chlorophyll cinema; If asked this question in sing-along…

One, two, three
What would set you free..
The tree, the bee or the broken knee?

Pray tell, how would you answer?

Trick Question: None… with the air of a man trying to eat a chocolate coated cyanide pill, you can walk into this forest but you shall never walk out

P.S: Thank you Neha, you always had the right answers 🙂


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