In Continuum

Time, it seems to me is false. A sensible dimension in physics, but truth be told; arbitrary. We are told it is a continuum, no space between one instant and the next, no hairline crack between being and not. But there must be a transitory state, however fleeting, however illusionary; a moment where an arrow in flight is neither here nor there.

Things happen so fast; you are birthed, you fall in love, you age with every wrinkle. Ages and eras crammed into the tiniest bits of time; the briefest moments are the very ones that you wish you could capture, dwell upon, live in; We want to, but we can’t …. Good thing that


Second Skin

Ever had the feeling of being limited by your body? Like your spirit is too large, too savage, too bright a light to be confined in this human flesh? Would you prefer being a winged creature to take flight to the skies, or a powerful and ferocious wolf?

In our world, the weapon has replaced the soldier. But the desire to maim with ones own hands, to rip intimately into another’s flesh is still alive. I watched this movie the other day, where the protagonist and his fellow warriors battle an army of wild savages. The savages wore bear skin and believed themselves to be bears as well. They wore the skin as a kind of armour, making them invincible. Makes you wonder….. why it didn’t work for the bear.