In Continuum

Time, it seems to me is false. A convenient notion, but truth be told; arbitrary. We are told it is a continuum, no space between one instant and the next, no hairline crack between being and not. But there must be a transitory state, however fleeting, however subjective; a moment where a bullet in motion is neither here nor there.

Things happen so fast; you are born, you fall in love, you are old. The greatest periods crammed into the tiniest bits of time; the briefest moments are the very ones that you wish you could capture, dwell upon, live in; We want to, but we can’t …. Good thing that


4 comments on “In Continuum

  1. EVELYN JACOB says:

    Edu…. AWESOME!!!! U leave astounded every single time…. I THINK U SHOULD WRITE 🙂

  2. Chaithen says:

    Is this what I think this is or is this really the work of a sober mind? 😉

    • edrenalin says:

      I have no Idea what you are thinking. Only great minds think alike 😛
      But yeah, work of a sober mind this is

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