Blinded Vision

Beauty as it is often said, is in the eye of the beholder. What if the beholder cannot see it? Is it a blessing or a curse? Beauty after all, is rooted in truth and the truth maybe an ugly sight indeed. The truth makes no excuses, allows no compromises, provides no comfort. Perhaps then, we should protect ourselves from the truth…. be blind to it.. if you see what I mean.

Perception is everything, opportunities are all around us, Riches and rewards beyond our wildest dreams. But, we are blind so we cannot see, so they do not exist.  The only reality we can possibly inhabit is the reality we create for ourselves. If we wish to change the world around us, we must change the way we look at it. Take a chance, have blind faith, leap to depths unknown, face an unpredictable future. After all, if you aren’t living on the edge, are you living at all? Or do you just exist?


One comment on “Blinded Vision

  1. Many people are under the assumption that civilizations that existed in the centuries before us were somehow backward and ignorant. This of course is not true. For example, some of the world’s greatest thinkers lived during the Pentakontateia in the Greek world. Socrates and Plato were two of them. For these men, Knowledge was possible through recollecting the world of the Forms. That is the goal. Things in the sensible world resemble the Forms and our senses do help us to recollect them, however, we must learn to distrust our senses because we all too often overvalue sense experience and neglect to look beyond to the reality they only imitate. To acquire knowledge, we do not have to appeal to some external activity, we do not have to go to somebody to ask for this knowledge. We must look inside ourselves, and try to remember. These were Socrates’ beliefs. But in many ways, existence during their lifetimes was archaic compared to ours. One can only wonder what Socrates would say if he lived in a world like ours. Would he still contend that truth and reality can never be transmitted through our senses? I think he would.

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