Wasted & Wanted

How can I admit to loving you,

When all I have seen is skin,

What of the shadows that trail you,

And the darkness within?

I haven’t heard your loose floorboard creak,

You haven’t asked me if I had one of mine.

I haven’t yet caused a tear to drop,

Or sent a shiver down your spine.


How can you admit to loving me,

When I haven’t been here long enough,

For you to read through my pages,

From my beginning..  from where I start.

Or stroll through the ruins of my castle,

I too am one of many, many lonely hearts.


We haven’t shared the same space,

The same air in our lungs,

No shared plate or bread between us,

No wine swirling past our tongues.

I don’t want to only know you,

When you are lovely in bloom,

May your song forever hold melody,

And love for whom you sing,

But if you can’t live through my cold winter,

You shall never see my spring.