Quest for the Promise land’s Promise : My K9 friend

I walked through an endless vortex of thick gagging smoke that refused to dissipate. I felt no heat,there was nothing burning, everything here was already burnt. This was Promise Land? I think not, this may very well be where the push and pull of my concentrated desires collided with the stagger and swoon of my weak will and exploded. I am admittedly lost; what I want is something that cannot be found, but being lost is the best way to find something that cannot be found. Here I was rummaging for those frayed pieces that made the solid gray jigsaw of my destiny. Just about then I heard a distant bark, I walked towards the sound. The smoke cleared out and there I find God walking his dog. He walked right past me, stopped, took a few steps back to where I was standing (The dog did the same)

(Now if you ever imagined a conversation with God and you didn’t know what to say because you didn’t know which language to speak… Relax.. God speaks gibberish and I happen to be very fluent in the said language and thus, I was able to translate the following conversation)

God : “You look like you need directions Son”

Son : “Maybe I do, are you going to give them to me?”

God : “Of course not, but I could give you my dog.”

Son : “Does the dog know where I’m supposed to go to find what I wish to find?”

God : “Don’t be silly son, Jackson is a dog, he is not me, he is not God.”

Jackson : “Woof”

Son : “Ok… I don’t suppose the promise land is anywhere near then eh?”

God : “Oh thats closer than you think, but you are not looking for just that, are you? The promise of the promise land is not something you will find, it’s something you will realize…. Anyways, I have to go now and witness the birth of a new species of fish that I created before it dies in an oil spill. You take good care of Jackson ok.”

Son : “Ok”

Before he vanished into nothingness, God said something that sounded very much like “Don’t let the dog sleep, he snores.” It was either that or else something got terribly lost in translation…..

P.S: Don’t ask me what this is supposed to mean… this may be continued, just maybe


In the Haze

Eyes that spoke of mischief
Lips that curved into a perfect smile
My lazy eyes was drinking in the sight
Your face aglow with a darker shade of light

The Need & the Greed

I need a hobby,
Something more worthwhile and productive than collecting stamps and vintage coke bottles.  So…. what do I do?

1) I could take up photography, but for that  i’ll need to get myself a nice lil camera that costs at least 20k

2) I could start learning to play the guitar or ANY other instrument. For that, i’d have to shell out a significant amount of cash to get me the instrument… unless of course the instrument is just a harmonica

3) I could hit the gym and tone my pathetic excuse of a body to more a Greek  God like look. But Shit!! a good gym membership costs a bomb these days.

4) I could get me some wheels and start tripping.  But I wouldn’t settle for anything like a Kinetic Activa Scooter, an Enfield would be just right. That would just bleed my bank account dry.

5) I could…… aaah whadahell

Looks like my problem isn’t really the lack of a hobby…..

I need more  Money

Egyptians, you guys are walking tall!

The Bangles Sang this number; But they are the ones who acted it out

I know I said that i wouldn’t be posting anything for a while but this post has no content that is originally mine. I have been following the situation in Egypt for a while now and I’m truly amazed by some of the scenes captured on film. Just sharing those:

The Real Deal

Brothers Looking out for Brothers - The best damn Pic of them all

Protestor Kisses Riot Policeman


"Thats all I want!"

On Haitus

I’m deeply saddened to inform the two people who follow my blog that there will be a period of inactivity here… again.
I have never fancied reading mush on blogs, paper or text(as in sms msgs); my stupid cupid is hitting me with the same arrow he struck me with years ago, as a result of which the only thoughts that come to my mind when I think of writing something is all mush.  Now, I wouldn’t mind actually putting up those thoughts if I were any good at putting it well.  So, I’ll be back  after I manage to get this monkey off my back.

Till then…… don’t wait

Current Muse:

Named after the Mother
Sweet like Angel breath on candy feather
Cute like a button nose on a sleeping babe
Her beauty, God hath made


Current Music:   Metallica:-Now it’s time I dissapeareeeyeeeaha

Of Sequels and Disasters

WTH!! They gonna make Matrix 4 & 5 Now!! (in 3D, yeah wow… Now thats something I totally didnt expect)

They say the plot is gonna be something like this : Star Wars, Star Trek, LotR and HHGTTG worlds are all instances of the matrix, like dimensions. A hero from each dimension will come wearing a different colored costume, and together will form The Matrix Rangers.

Neo will be the one in Black Spandex, Anakin  Skywalker in Blue, Captain Kirk in Pink, Frodo in Yellow and Arthur Dent in Red. They will all join forces and kick the Deus Ex Machina’s metallic ass.

But wait! That’s not the end of it all, you cant make a sequel without leaving hopes for another one. They will find out that the Matrix true purpose is not energy generation, but to discover the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

In the end, we all die of boredom…. Finito!

This one goes out to the one I love…

Far from perfect, Close enough to being a perfect fool

You ignore me, to the point of being cruel.

Time is moving on and so are you,

And I’m stuck here in empty space

When the dream is gone its a lonely place

I want… No, I need you close

Close enough to hear you breathe

Closer still and then a little more

Till skin meets skin, body meets soul.

You are out there just beyond my reach

I wish you would just reach back for me.

So tell me what would it take, To make you mine

Would you take me apart and put me back in good time?

Good as new, good enough to be with you?

Because every word you read here is true

I’m in love, hopelessly in love with you