Here Comes The AVATAR

Bollywood is just a place where blokes from Mumbai mistake each other for movies stars (Naseerudin Shah, Abhay Deol, Vinay Pathak and those few others like them aint included). One thing that can kill the movies of today (especially the Bollywood ones) is education. Somebody who can’t act for nuts or even speak the language can go on to win a national award just because she looks like an angel. If you don’t look like an angel then just show some skin, you can still leave your mark (or at least your clothes) in the industry. The dress code for Bollywood is the lesser the better and that applies to both sexes.

At Hollywood the making of bloody horror flicks is a dying art, pun not intended. Scripts are so bad that nowadays you can’t even judge a book by its movie, pun intended. The last supposedly tragic movie I saw was tragic for different reasons; my tear ducts took the day off. It didn’t move me to tears, it did succeed in making me move the mouse and close the media player. I watch all genres of film but my favorite kinda timepass movie is those action suspense types. Sadly, these days the primary suspense is the uncertainty as to whether there would be 45 seconds or a full two minutes between one massive explosion and the next. In those films the sky is seldom blue for long, black billows, orange flame and flying debris fill the screen at regular intervals. One smoking hot female, a wuss of a boyfriend and coupla robots (with a fetish for sleek cars) going ninja on coupla other robots (with a fetish for machines that fly) can make a summer blockbuster!! What is the movie world coming too?? If it were not for Peter Jackson, I would have lost all faith in Hollywood’s sensible-action-movie-churning factory.

The eyes of all the sensible-actionloving-thrillseeking movielovers out there are looking at the one man who can resurrect this almost brain-dead industry. After 12 too bludy damn long years director James Cameron returns to cinema with AVATAR!!! The director of Blockbusters like Aliens, Terminator, Titanic and his magnum opus Terminator-2: Judgment Day is back to blow your mind one more time. You should see the trailer in high def to see what I’m talkin about). The animation and CGI is like nothing you have ever seen before. If you don’t like it then your grey matter has turned black cuz of all the crap you have been seeing lately, go watch the movie at an IMAX when it comes out to experience sheer awesomeness. If you still don’t like it I’ll eat my shoe!!!

Wake me up after October and November ends