Lock Stock and 3 Smoking Paragraphs…

                                                   **WARNING: Smoking is injurious to health**

This and an X-ray picture of somebody’s wasted lungs is what you see on every pack of smokes these days. Creating awareness they say. In my mind, clumps of tumors bloomed; soft pink lung tissue took the appearance of charred firewood; grotesque tubers, oozing blood and spore jelly, spread like mushrooms across an unsuspecting lawn; arteries withered like tendrils of parched orchids; clots resembling rotten tomatoes , each clot burning and emitting faint wisps of smoke after combustion.Eugh!!

To non-smokers, it’s an enigma why anyone would smoke, yet the answer seems simple enough when we station ourselves at that profound interface of nature and culture formed when people take something from the natural world and incorporate it into their bodies.

Three of the four elements are shared by all creatures, but fire was a gift to humans alone. Smoking cigarettes is as intimate as we can get to fire without experiencing excruciating pain. Every smoker is an embodiment of Prometheus (He who stole the secrets of fire from the Gods and shared it with mankind and had to face eternal damnation for the same). Smokers probably smoke to capture the power of the sun, to pacify hell, to identify with the primordial spark, to feed on the marrow of the volcano. When they smoke it’s probably not the tobacco they really want, it’s the fire. There was a time when such devotion was as good as worship, the fire dance, a ritual as ancient as lightning. Does that make smokers religious fanatics?? You must admit there is a similarity (or not :P). My take on smoking?? I have none….. But the idea of putting the x-ray on a pack of smokes I think is downright RETARDED!!!
A smoker’s lungs can be compared to a virgin sacrificed in godfire.

P.S: This is a re-post of an old blog entry. Too brain dead to come up with anything new