Smutty business of love…

An old friend of mine (one of my best) called me up the day before, he broke up with his girlfriend and he wanted to talk… As expected, he had his reasons and I guess she had hers too. But are those reasons valid enough to end a relation that went on for years?? Why do people decide to break up and move on??

When single, we think we are incomplete and we seek that soul mate that completes us, but a few years(or months) into a relationship we may find that we are still very much incomplete. We could blame our partners, say that things ain’t working out and then take up with someone more promising. This could go on and and on- a series of polygamy- until we can admit that a partner can only add sweet dimensions to our life while we ourselves are the only ones that can possibly complete ourselves. Nobody else could do it for us and to convince ourselves otherwise is to delude ourselves dangerously and to ensure eventual failure in every relationship we enter. None of us are perfect, but love could be; Love transforms people, changing the mediocre and the vile. So I ask, why do we waste time searching for the perfect lover instead of trying to create perfect love??

Love is the ultimate criminal, the numero uno, it has no rules and answers to nobody. The most that we can do is to sign it on as an accomplice. So instead of vowing to honour and obey, we should rather vow to aid and abet. Thus you shall have no security, you shall lose your heart to the criminal and all you can do is hope, trust and have faith that the criminal has committed his/her last crime. So if you have to love, love with no strings attached, let thy love be free.