12 O’ Clock with Mary Ann

“This is the worst day of my life!!” Or so Sean thought. It wasn’t, not even close but when you give voice to thought, thought picks up conviction along the way when it meets with voice. It was a Monday morning and Sean just received new specifications for the project he was working on and his project-mate called in sick. The day couldn’t get any worse and just about then, it got better…

“Oi Sean!!” Without looking up, Sean smiled “It’s 12 already eh?”. 12 O’Clock was the best part of the day, it was the dimple in the cheek, the burger served by the genius waitress, the God Card. He looked up to see Mary Ann looking into the cubicle. “Yeah Bum it is, now get ur ass up and lets go have some lunch”. Mary was Sean’s best buddy in Infy and Sean, Mary’s. They met on the month of May and had lunch together everyday at 12 since June. Mary was petite, cute as a button (never figured wots so cute about a button) and had the Elixir of Youth injected into her at the age of 18 cuz she didnt look a day older and nor did she behave that way. Sean was tall, dark and some ppl say handsome, he was 22 but Mary was of the opinion that he looked older because of the premature graying of his hair.

M: “Hey my kid bro called me up today to tell me that he thinks he is in love”.
S: “Oh nice”
M: “Nothing nice about it Sean… He is just a kid and I don’t think puppy love is a good thing”
S: “Puppy??!! Your brother sure has a weird taste”
M: “(Cold Stare) Thats a sad one…. Hey!! Check out that guy over there, He looks hotter than July!!”
S: “Wha?? who?? where??”
M: “Naaa chuck it, you lack the angle and the eye-power to catch him in this crowd sweetie”

Sean was experiencing that weird feeling again, he never felt that way a month ago when Mary complimented guys before. But recently all such comments sent hot blood rushing to his head and it took Mary’s little schoolgirl candy valentine voice to bring his circulation back to normal. Was he jealous? Sean wished he knew.

M: “You are getting real worked up about that project of yours na?”
S: “Why do you ask?”
M: “Well, you yank out you hair quite often, you look like you lost a lotta hair”
S: “I had a Bludy HAIRCUT yesterday you ass!!”
M: “O!! … My bad… Okaaay… so what are we having for lunch today?”
S: “Aloo paratha and lassi for me… you?”
M: “Mmmm..For weeks I have subsisted largely on green salads and veggie food, but today the rules have been suspended and my taut tummy is crying out loud for animal protein… And thus you shall have animal protien too (Flashes a smile that could melt the heart of the devil).
S: “Fine, “animal protien” for me too then”
M: “Hee heh… You know what it is that I like about bout you Sean?”
S: “My Killer smile, my sexy older look, my …..”
M: “Naaa… none o that”
S: “Then what??”
M: “Heh heh… I don’t know.. I’m still trying to figure it out (Sweet Devil-heart-melting smile again)”

If the heart had wings, Sean would have been missing his heart by now, but that would make him heartless, which he wasn’t. Anyways lets get back to Lunch…

S: “So what did you do this weekend?”
M: “Well, wanted to do some serious shopping but my personal account has been bled of some relatively serious juice”
S: “Aha! … So you basically didnt do anything did ya?”
M: “Nahin, nothing, Zilch,Nada…. Hey i’m done eating, wots taking you so long?? ”
S: “Well I like to enjoy my meal slowly”
M: “Well enjoy it slowly then… m going” (Gets up to go)
S: “Fine go… i’ll take my time” (Mary leaves)

Mary Ann must have roped an invisible lasso over Sean’s heart and tugged at it real hard when she walked away. Sean quickly finished his lunch and hurried to catch up with her and did so infront of the elevator.

M: “That was fast”
S: “Yeah … Just remembered I had to get back fast to get my work done today”
M: “Oh I see…. Btw, I don’t like your tie… Its broad and outdoorsy and chronically unstylish”
(They get into the elevator)
S: “Oh but you look as pretty as a rose sprung in June”

The blush was immediate, the inevitable fluster painted such dollops of pimento on Mary’s olive skin that they would be fit to garnish a Martini. Her attempt to stem the blood made her blush even harder. And the smiles from the others in the elevator didn’t help one bit.

M: “Shutup Sean”

She intended to speak coldly and with good reason. On the other hand, how much frigidity can be conveyed by a voice that seems to have been designed to incubate baby bluebirds?

S: “What? Ask the people around you if you don’t believe me”

Now she was the ripe red tomato that flinched on hearing the garden gate creak open. **CHING** The elevator reached the 5th floor and opened up. He blocked her path. Perhaps he wished to apologize but she didnt give him a chance. She headed for her cubicle and at the last possible moment Sean saw the the serious look on her face breakdown and give way for a smile that could charm the tie off poor ol Sean.

Sitting in her cubicle Mary thought “I wish I could kill that bludy ass…. but DAMN!! Why am I smiling??!!”

Sitting in his cubicle Sean just wished… wished for the next 12 O’ Clock with Mary Ann to come sooner.

P.S: Looks like I cant write mushy all that well….