Quest for the Promise land’s Promise : My K9 friend

I walked through an endless vortex of thick gagging smoke that refused to dissipate. I felt no heat,there was nothing burning, everything here was already burnt. This was Promise Land? I think not, this may very well be where the push and pull of my concentrated desires collided with the stagger and swoon of my weak will and exploded. I am admittedly lost; what I want is something that cannot be found, but being lost is the best way to find something that cannot be found. Here I was rummaging for those frayed pieces that made the solid gray jigsaw of my destiny. Just about then I heard a distant bark, I walked towards the sound. The smoke cleared out and there I find God walking his dog. He walked right past me, stopped, took a few steps back to where I was standing (The dog did the same)

(Now if you ever imagined a conversation with God and you didn’t know what to say because you didn’t know which language to speak… Relax.. God speaks gibberish and I happen to be very fluent in the said language and thus, I was able to translate the following conversation)

God : “You look like you need directions Son”

Son : “Maybe I do, are you going to give them to me?”

God : “Of course not, but I could give you my dog.”

Son : “Does the dog know where I’m supposed to go to find what I wish to find?”

God : “Don’t be silly son, Jackson is a dog, he is not me, he is not God.”

Jackson : “Woof”

Son : “Ok… I don’t suppose the promise land is anywhere near then eh?”

God : “Oh thats closer than you think, but you are not looking for just that, are you? The promise of the promise land is not something you will find, it’s something you will realize…. Anyways, I have to go now and witness the birth of a new species of fish that I created before it dies in an oil spill. You take good care of Jackson ok.”

Son : “Ok”

Before he vanished into nothingness, God said something that sounded very much like “Don’t let the dog sleep, he snores.” It was either that or else something got terribly lost in translation…..

P.S: Don’t ask me what this is supposed to mean… this may be continued, just maybe