Tic tock tack… Looks like i’m back.. Eh?!


Finally, me bloggin again after quite a bit of a hiatus. I figured that I just had to the other day when I decided to check out the infyblogs, I just visited my page and Whoa!!… It was like opening up a tomb that was as old as creation; the page had layers of dust and weeds had conquered the borders and was spreading everywhere. I couldn’t read anything there so I refreshed the page and lo!!…. Dust crumbled and fell off the page and onto my desk, keyboard and all; that sent Sharmishta and Naveen (they be the unfortunates who share the cubicle with me) scurrying out for cover and I looked like Santa Claus (minus the Clause… and the red wool) after he got down a chimney. Anyways, the dust has settled and I now begin with new beginnings …..

Well first things first… I DID PASS MY COMPRE!! On the first attempt that too (Sniff, i was so proud of myself that day), then came the month long re-training which was actually pretty much like a month of paid vacation in the mysore campus and it was the best time I had in infy. Fast forward one month and we get our postings, everybody is stuck in a place between sad and happy because some got posted right where they wanted but not with all their friends, some vice versa and some got a cocktail of both. I got posted in Pune and got served the cocktail… on the house.

Pune turned out to be a bit of a disappointment after all I heard of the place. But then again, I have been here only for a month so i’m not gonna pass a final judgment so soon. Judgment day will come another day 🙂 …. Anyways I absolutely Love (with a capital L) the 4 BHK apartment which 6 of us have taken, best of all i got a nice big room all for myself…

Ok i’m done bloggin for the day… I’ll be back soon when I get some time off my extremely hectic ‘bench’warming schedule… Until then, i’m going,going…. gone.