So many choices in life, so many variations for each and every thing. Being a man I find myself attracted not so much to any particular choice but rather think that there is more than one thing to try;  and I want it all. For some men, the thrill of the hunt is both their blessing and their curse, the bane of wives and the boon of escort services, they are simply addicted to variety. We want not this or that, but this and that.. and that one there.. and there, that one looks good, this one tastes good…. The fun just never ends.

Don’t you wish you could have your cake and eat it too? Doesn’t every man secretly wish to have each and every woman in the world pining for  him and yet have a monogamist, loyal, devoted relationship with each and every one of them?  Well, maybe he can.. it may sound unfair or even abusive, but if he can find the right person and if he doesn’t let their feelings get in the way, he can be unfair to his heart’s content