All in a days work….

Slept at 3AM, woke at 9:15AM, headed straight for the bathroom; Put some toothpaste on the brush and put it to good use. And then I turned on the shower with my eyes tightly shut waiting for the icy blast of super chilled water(No, no hot water yet cuz I moved into a newly constructed building which has a separate hot water supply line which is still being laid and Yes, I shower and brush at the same time these days because i’m forever running late for office). All freshned up, I open the wardrobe to find that I dont have a ironed set of clothes; I run to the balcony to get some washed clothes that was left for drying and see a matching set and just when i’m about to pick them up, my phone starts ringing so i head back to pick it up; It’s my sister calling all the way from Dubai…

Sis: “Eddyyyyyyyy ow r u???”
Me: “At 9:45 in the morning? Still sleepy,half dressed and very late”
Sis: “Oh your still at home kya?”
Me: “No Evelyn, i’m sitting in my cubicle, in office, half dressed, cuz i just can’t decide which shirt to wear”
Sis: “Oye! You don’t have to be sarcastic ok!…. I just called to ask you if you knew when Leena’s (a common friend of ours) birthday was, cuz i think it’s today”
Me: “Sister dearest, right now i don’t even remember when is India’s Republic Day. So if you are right about Leena’s Birthday then text me later.”
Sis: “Useless Bum only you are!! Go get ready for work”
Me: “Bye Eve”
Sis: “Hey Ed, come to think of it…. Even I don’t remember Republic Day ka date right now”
Me: “(Sniff..) I love you sis”
Me: “heh heh… Bye Eve”
Sis: “Bye Ed”

I head back to the balcony to find out that it rained during my conversation with my sister, thus leaving all the clothes there … wet. I ransack my wardrobe for a dry and clean shirt and finally found one, got that ironed, got dressed and got out of the house. Then walked all the way till Wakad Chowk in the rain, to catch a share auto(we are short of two bikes and we should be getting those by the first week of next month) to Infy Phase2. Waited for about half an hour, I caught a cold but didnt manage to catch a share auto(they all were heading to Phase1… Why,why,why????!!) Finally we called for a ….ummm .. non-share auto type auto and headed for Infy. I noticed this fellow infocion of very dark complexion on a bike, who couldn’t manage to get ahead of the auto ahead of him due to the traffic and he was at the receiving end of all that black sooty smoke billowing out of the exhaust of the auto. When I reach infy and get out of the auto near the gate, I see the same dark bike rider wiping his face with a handkerchief and I hear him tell his friend “F*** MAN! I SWEAR WHEN I WOKE UP THIS MORNING I WAS WHITE!!!”. Everybody seemed to be having a bad day… Had breakfast at the food court and reached my office cubicle at 11:15AM.

12:15PM: Doing nothing other than switching between my outlook inbox and my communicator windows

1:15PM : Doing what i was doing at 12:15PM

2:15PM : Went for lunch (I had a late breakfast, so…. late lunch), realised i wasn’t that hungry so I just had soup

3:15PM : Doing what i was doing at 1:15PM

4:15PM : So bored I started blogging.

Now : I dunno what else to write…. And I think my stomach was confused at 2:15 cuz I’M DAMN HUNGRY NOW!!.. All you people on bench out there.. one question…. What do you do when your benched???? Answer that, meanwhile i’m off to hog…